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Childrens Eyecare

childrens eyecare Recommendations for sight testing children’s eyes

Baby’s eyes are checked at eight months by the health visitor. It is possible that defects emerge as the visual system develops up to the age of about seven, which can lead to a permanent reduction in vision and subsequent problems keeping up at school.

Scotts Opticians recommends that all children should have an eyesight check by an optician before they start school as there may be no symptoms to alert parents to possible problems.  An undiagnosed vision defect can affect your child’s ability to learn.

Few schools in Suffolk continue with eyesight screening.

After this there may be signs of problems developing such as difficulty seeing the board at school, being moved to the front of the class and sitting close to the television.

Some children have a slightly higher risk of suffering sight problems, such as those with family history of spectacle wear, squint or premature birth.

Eye tests are free for children under 17 and they will get assistance towards the cost of spectacles from the NHS.

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