Dry Eye & Eyelid Clinic

Dry eye and blepharitis are common conditions that affect the eyes. Symptoms are usually in both eyes but may vary in severity. This may include feelings of grit in the eyes, burning, watering, blurry vision and itching. The condition does not normally cause permanent problems to sight but in severe cases it can become very painful and cause damage to the front of the eye.

Dry eye and blepharitis are long-term conditions. This means once you have it, it can come back even after it has cleared up. Management of the condition needs to be long-term and there are several treatments for dry eye available.

At Scotts Opticians, your Optometrist will exam your eyes and use a selection of diagnostic aids to assess the tears to show if the eye condition is mild, moderate or severe.

Once the underlying cause of the eye condition has been diagnosed, an individual and tailored treatment plan will be recommended. This will include home therapies but may include in-house treatments such as BLEPHEX which will give the eyelashes a deep clean feel and remove all debris, excess oil and bacteria. This can be done on an ad-hoc basis or at planned intervals. Other treatments may include Punctal Plugs which are fitted into the tear drainage holes in the eyelids in order to slow down or even stop the drainage of tears from the eye.